mark and vine south carolina

mark and vine  south carolina
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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

On the way

Upper photo was taken in Fiji 2005, this dog was owned by the village. Lower photos was Cindi..

We recently visited my husband's friend in western Maryland before plans to proceed to South Carolina. We stayed there for two nights and watched the movie Marley and Me on New Years day. The movie was really funny but the ending was so sad because Marley died. My husband felt so sad because last summer he had to put his dog down. Cindi was a very sweet dog and my hubby was expecting me to meet her. Sometimes I would see her in through the webcam before coming to the States, but before I arrived Cindi was already gone. My hubby and his brother, who just lost his dog of the same age yesterday, loved their dogs and would do anything to make them well, but there is a life span. Cindi died at the age of fifteen and a half years old. 
While we were in western Maryland my mother-in-law called us to say her brother died so we made a quick one night stay with friends in Roanoke, Virginia and then returned to Frederick. So our trip to South Carolina is postponed until Thursday this week. Today is the burial of our uncle Bob Mohler.


The Yothers said...

Vine, we will be praying for your Mom and her family for peace and comfort. Take care and Im glad that youre up and around now.

Lapa37 said...

Sorry for the loss I will keep you in my thoughts.

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