mark and vine south carolina

mark and vine  south carolina
Myrtle beach

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Scenic Sunday

 Last January 4, we went to Roanoke to visit our friend who move there. We slept in their house and my friend Diane and I went to the woods for walking and we saw this place. If you want to join us head to the site of Scenic Sunday. 

camera critters

This is my Camera Critters today. This dogs owned by Cathy, our friend in South Carolina. Taken during the party in the house of Sue. If you want to join us for camera critters just head to the site.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Our trip to South Carolina 4

This is our friends who baked the delicious cookies and bread. Thanks Robby!
And some friends during the birthday of Debbie. This kids are the daugthers of  my Jorgen. They are so lovely.

Our trip to South Carolina 3

While we are in Florence South Carolina I notice that the accent was different, the food was different, they ate rice and I ate some pork taste like Lechon in the Philippines. Anyway the bottom line was I enjoyed our trip to South Carolina, in 20 minutes, I already have friends there. My husband  took me to Myrtle beach. This is one of our remembrance in South Carolina the wig.

Our trip to South Carolina 2

Although our house is not sold. I thank God that I met a lot of people and we never expect that they gave us a Party in Sue's house with good meals. Someone invited us for a Dinner, some people gave us card with blessings inside the card during the party, some people gave us free ticket for meals in the restaurant, some gave us a free Gym while  we are in Florence, some people baked a delicious cookies for our way home, some people hug me and talked to me during the party, how they loved my husband. 

I said to God, Wow! What a great surprised. I gave all the glory, praises to God almighty for being so faithful and so good and that He gave us a friends all over the world.

I would like to Thank all my husband's friend in Florence South Carolina, you do not know how you touched us. Thank you so much. I am hoping that I will meet you guys  in Maryland on  the 4th of April, this year.

Our trip to South Carolina 1

January 8 when we start our trip to South Carolina.  We slept one night in North Carolina. I enjoyed talking to my husband while he's driving, I tried not to sleep so that his not bored to driving. The next morning we head to South Carolina. One reason why we visited the place was for the closing of our house.
 I am so excited to see the house since it's my first time. So one of the house we planted some bushes, although it was so cold during the time, we tried our best to plant the bushes and put some mold. We borrowed some truck to used , and some friend help us cleaning the surrounding. But the house need some electricity and water supply, so we waited for days to finished that, before closing of the house.  We couldn't stay in South Carolina waiting for the closing of the house because my husband need to work. He asked someone to do that.  Unfortunately it was not happened, there was something happened to the buyers. For all the trip and effort we had, I  Thank God that something good will happen. 

I realize that, the best things happened was I met my husband's friends, they are very sweet and very friendly.

Sky Watch Friday

We are on our way home when I took this photo. I was inside the car. Taken in Hagerstown Maryland. Have a blessed friday to everybody. For more beautiful Sky watch Friday head to the site.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Watery Wednesday

Today's Simply Divine Watery Wednesday taken  at Fiji Island. My husband came here with his team for swimming and beach hopping after their mission exposure, I hope that we could visit this place together in the Future. Join us and visit the site!

Contemporary portrait

Contemporary Portrait

I don't know if this is late but I will love to join  Contemporary Portrait.  This is Nicole my niece and my nephew David, I miss them so much, they are so sweet and my husband love to go back to the Philippines to see them. If you want to join us head to the site @imincultureshock