mark and vine south carolina

mark and vine  south carolina
Myrtle beach

Saturday, December 13, 2008

scenic Sunday 4

Taken in Big Island, on our way to Pololu Valley and we saw this place, Mark like the bare trees and the Windmill where you can see the black cows. This is my 4th Post, head to the site of Scenic Sunday and join us!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Sky watch 2

Taken in Big Island during sunset. I enjoyed taking all of these photos with my husband in Big Island. Visit the site of Sky Watch Friday and join us. Have a blessed weekends to everybody!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Holiday!

Give love on Christmas!
I realized that I'm so blessed to have a shelter and we could afford to eat 3 times a day with snacks, I don't need to be rich to have that. There are people around the world who don't have any. I need to be thankful to God and count my blessings. I remember when I went to Burma, people there are so scared everyday, because of their government situations and what's happening to their country. Blessed to be a blessing!Giving Groceries.
We gather all the kids to give them toys.
This mother told us that it's her first time having a groceries worth 550 pesos free.
This lady was so thankful for the groceries she received, I asked Mark to drive me to her house and take her in the church. She went with me and we feed her and gave her a bag of groceries, she was crying, so touching.

We wrapped all of these,we did it many times because the cellophane always break.
Mark was the one who come up with the ideas to give groceries to the church member and visitors, who couldn't afford to buy something for Christmas. And some of his friends in the states share money for this. We bought a lot of toys for the kids.
These are my nephews who help us wrapping and prepared food to eat. It's good to have a team work.
This is my sister Leah, she help a lot in cutting a piece of paper for the toys.


Merry Christmas!

My Parents.
I'm wrapping some gift for Christmas today. I open the laptop and saw all the photos of my family celebrating Christmas with me and Mark last year, I start to miss them. There's no place like home. I miss my father, his my best friend in the family, that's why some of my sibling called me Juniora.This is my eldest sister family her name is Imelda. She gave birth last 3 days ago, and I heard it was a boy again. So strange that you couldn't see the baby because you are so far away.

I'm busy distributing the gifts, Mark this time was taking photos and we are not yet married during Christmas. He went to the Philippines to met all my family and spent time with me hoping that we could fly back together in the states . He bought First class plane ticket because he wanted me to experience how nice to fly in 1st class seat. Unfortunately, he went ahead of me, my visa takes time before I received it. We bought this Christmas tree in rush hour,looks so ugly :) we don't have time to put some decoration because everybody was busy for the Church activities.

Watery wednesday 5

My husband cleaning the pool. The water is not blue anymore.
Before winter, my husband was trying to clean up the pool. This is our favorite place in the house during summer. This is my 5th post. Head to the site Watery Wednesday and join us!

Krysten team won

Last night we went to Krysten basketball game and the team won! My husband's family loves sport. I enjoyed watching because Basketball, is a National sport of the Philippines.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Camera Critters

Taken during Frederick fare. I forgot the name of this animal, but I'm so surprised how it looks like.This is my first post of Camera Critters, head to the site. And you can join us.

The Grossnickles

Congratulations Jeff and Katie!
Last night was my first time meeting the Grossnickles Family at the wedding of Jeff and Katie my husband's cousin. The Grossnickles are so nice and sweet, I felt like ant because they are so tall and I'm the only Asian there. Anyway I enjoyed the Celebration, it was my first time to attend a wedding in the states. Dinner was so good, and the reception was so nice..

Last night was my first time seeing a snow on the road and outside the house, all cars were covered with snow. Anyway I missed to watch the Pacquiao boxing last night but he won, that's good news! Proud to be Pinoy..