mark and vine south carolina

mark and vine  south carolina
Myrtle beach

Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm back!

I thank God that after 6 months of our marriage, I was conceive. But I prayed to God almost everyday that He will give us a child and now I'm waiting for days to give birth. Indeed God is faithful. Last september 18 we celebrated our 1st year Anniversary at Utah. 2 days ago I turned 33 and the next day it was my mother's birthday. Wow! days are so fast. We are looking forward to celebrate thanksgiving with our baby Kylie Elizabeth. I thank God for all the blessings that we receive this year!
My husband is a big blessing to me,I never regret that I got married at the age of 31 because God gave me the right person.

God is full of surprises :)!


litlit said...

Congrats vine. I am so happy for you. God bless you...

Lalaine said...

hi vine! congrats on your baby girl! :) by the way, tanaw tanaw ko sa imong mga photos dari ba.. nice kau imo pgkakuha..:)

simply divina said...

thank you love and ate litlit for visiting my blog.