mark and vine south carolina

mark and vine  south carolina
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Holiday!

Give love on Christmas!
I realized that I'm so blessed to have a shelter and we could afford to eat 3 times a day with snacks, I don't need to be rich to have that. There are people around the world who don't have any. I need to be thankful to God and count my blessings. I remember when I went to Burma, people there are so scared everyday, because of their government situations and what's happening to their country. Blessed to be a blessing!Giving Groceries.
We gather all the kids to give them toys.
This mother told us that it's her first time having a groceries worth 550 pesos free.
This lady was so thankful for the groceries she received, I asked Mark to drive me to her house and take her in the church. She went with me and we feed her and gave her a bag of groceries, she was crying, so touching.

We wrapped all of these,we did it many times because the cellophane always break.
Mark was the one who come up with the ideas to give groceries to the church member and visitors, who couldn't afford to buy something for Christmas. And some of his friends in the states share money for this. We bought a lot of toys for the kids.
These are my nephews who help us wrapping and prepared food to eat. It's good to have a team work.
This is my sister Leah, she help a lot in cutting a piece of paper for the toys.


amanda said...

Hi! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog:) Seeing these photos reminds me of fun holidays with family and even when there wasn't much to give we still had fun!

the_yothers said...

Vine I am so blessed to see the pictures, you are so blessed to have a husband as generous like bro. I am so proud of you and Mark!

the_yothers said...

Vine I cant write a comment on your new post, you might want to check on that. I miss our family in the Phil, I hope that they have a wonderful christmas this year like last year. I love you my dearest, precious, ading, you are one of the most amazing ladies ive know. I love you sooo much and soo proud of you.