mark and vine south carolina

mark and vine  south carolina
Myrtle beach

Saturday, January 24, 2009

camera critters

This is my Camera Critters today. This dogs owned by Cathy, our friend in South Carolina. Taken during the party in the house of Sue. If you want to join us for camera critters just head to the site.


Skies said...

Their furs looks so silky soft...what nice. Happy Blogging!

simply divina said...

Thanks you skies.

Larry Jordan said...

Divina, I can see who runs that house! Very cute doggies. Thanks for sharing and congrats on your marriage!

Tootie said...

Really cute dogs!

I hope all works out well with the new house. :-)

Adrienne in Ohio said...

Your dogs are really cute!
I love the tag line under your blog title!

Lapa37 said...

Cute dog she looks so sweet