mark and vine south carolina

mark and vine  south carolina
Myrtle beach

Friday, January 23, 2009

Our trip to South Carolina 3

While we are in Florence South Carolina I notice that the accent was different, the food was different, they ate rice and I ate some pork taste like Lechon in the Philippines. Anyway the bottom line was I enjoyed our trip to South Carolina, in 20 minutes, I already have friends there. My husband  took me to Myrtle beach. This is one of our remembrance in South Carolina the wig.


Tess Yothers said...

I like the WIG!! you look like a ROCKER SINGER!!! like Matt said to me "Mommy, are you ready to rock and roll?" as he hold his guitar up in the air!

Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

i like ur cowboy boots vine...hehehe.what makes you busy these days?