mark and vine south carolina

mark and vine  south carolina
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Friday, January 23, 2009

Our trip to South Carolina 1

January 8 when we start our trip to South Carolina.  We slept one night in North Carolina. I enjoyed talking to my husband while he's driving, I tried not to sleep so that his not bored to driving. The next morning we head to South Carolina. One reason why we visited the place was for the closing of our house.
 I am so excited to see the house since it's my first time. So one of the house we planted some bushes, although it was so cold during the time, we tried our best to plant the bushes and put some mold. We borrowed some truck to used , and some friend help us cleaning the surrounding. But the house need some electricity and water supply, so we waited for days to finished that, before closing of the house.  We couldn't stay in South Carolina waiting for the closing of the house because my husband need to work. He asked someone to do that.  Unfortunately it was not happened, there was something happened to the buyers. For all the trip and effort we had, I  Thank God that something good will happen. 

I realize that, the best things happened was I met my husband's friends, they are very sweet and very friendly.

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Aisha said...

The house looks gorgeous, Vine! Hopefully, God will bring someone to buy it.